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觡üԵءԴ 鹴͠ (HAND-MADE)

Handmade Handicraft Earthen Product

      At Pagao village Maerai Maechan district, Chiang rai.We produce a special
folk handicraft. Taang Dee Shop encourages the villagers to produce a
better folk handicraft so they can become self-supporting.
We are produce many products such as floor-tiles, pottery bricks, statues
and a variety of earth ware. All are handmade by local villagers.

ҹ觴 290 1 ҹҡ  .  .ѹ  .§  57240
290 Moo.1 Banpagao T.maerai A.Maechan J.chiang rai Thailand 57240
Tel. 0-5366-7375 ,081-1689749   Fax. 0-5366-7376   E-mail-dtaang_dee@hotmail.com